Introducing Festful

Think of how powerful you would feel having planned an entire event, from ideation to billings, in a single flow. A wide array of booking options, pricings, an internal guest management system, event specialists and wondrous talents are literally in reach. The mobile application Festful introduces its entertainment staging platform to provide access to organize just about anything. 

The specialty of Festful is in the connective system of entertainment and planning that resides within the application’s features. Both a provider for those who are seeking talent and the resource for the talented seeking opportunities, an elongated process of multiple insignificant timing issues is cut down to an easily referenceable application focused on event success. 

How much time have you spent arranging an event just for a miscommunication or mistiming to derail what would have been a lovely day? 

How many events have you just avoided planning because of the thought of the oncoming decision fatigue? Decreasing the likelihood of decision fatigue by featuring your next event through Festful will let that time and energy be available for elsewhere. 

Festful is the party planner’s party planner. 

A question comes up often enough that it is asked too many times: “am I forgetting something?” ‘Overlooked’, ‘out of mind’, and ‘just too late’ are issues that just won’t be invited to the party. What we can do within Festful introduces both tools and reference to planning needs. To be able to not only build and check a list of attendees, but to have communicative power with your guests has been a wish we’ve all once had. Festful brings just that much more chance to pull off the event of the year; the platform increases the capacity for an effort ensured success. 

Stress of any kind is present when you have to plan within constraints and without much direction. What is the issue that will need to be overcome? Using Festful, a reception of any kind can be orchestrated inside just the average day’s patience. Whether a playfully driven celebration or a strictly casual corporate experience, the talent sought is available. 

Festful establishes event freedom and security that has not been seen in the private entertainment space before. While able to search and book through the application’s database, integrate cross sections of professions in entertainment, and create guest lists to maintain up-to-date communications, Festful designates itself as a creator’s opportunity. 

Many freelance artists and production managers coexist within the for-hire community. Many have integrated the added skill of staying connected through previous events and services to assist others in their respective crafts. The complimenting structures from the freelance portion of the application establishes an industry standard of promoting productive coexistence. Work with those around you who want to establish a high expectation of their discipline. 

As a user and customer, you will find the necessary tools within Festful to promote an event with an ability to add internal customization themes. Set the tone for the next event with

branded/sponsored materials, an expressive photo collage, or maybe just the words [TOP SECRET] to keep the surprise party a surprise. 

To highlight the noticeable physical features of what the Festful application can bring, let’s think of the ecosystem of an organized event. In order to set the stage, feed the masses, find and situate bookings, provide ample details to all needed parties (both guest and host), realize what restrictions you face, then decide on every specific, you’ll need a place to securely hold that information. Don’t let the decision fatigue get in the way of fun. Find the music you need and the cake you deserve. 

Festful is an on-hand reference that has the distinct quality of being proficient in its event organization. Within the application, we have invited guests, hired music, catering and entertainment while providing each individual with satisfaction that comes from having a good time. The escaped antics of what could go wrong are replaced with the knowledge that this is exactly what you had in mind. The thanks you receive from others will be in gift basket form for a plan gone off without a hitch, all in one smooth flow. 

Now, just think about what you’re going to do with all of that free time.

This article was updated on July 6, 2021

Afolabi Onanuga

Afolabi is a Business Systems Consultant with over nine years of experience consulting in Salesforce and other business systems.